Never try to kid a kidder or scam a baiter.

They sent this one directly to me on my email account.  Given that the name has the word “scam” in it, did they think I wouldn’t do a search?


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Subject: Keyword ” scamsurvivors ” International Trademark
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(Please kindly forward to CEO or President who would be concerned about the Trademark. Thank you.)

We are a law firm of the International Trademark, Copyrights and Domains registration etc. in China. Please forgive our disturbing. We have something to confirm with you. On August 27, 2013, we received a formal application from a company named “John(JP) Co., Ltd.” wants to register the following International Trademark and Domains:

International Trademark:

Domains Name:

If a company applies so many domains and the trademark we’ll carefully check to prevent malicious registration. But after our examination, we found that the keyword is your company’s registered name. But it is not International Trademark. So we inform you to confirm whether you have authorized John(JP) Co., Ltd. If so, we will finish the registration at once; if not, not to confuse with your company’s name, please contact us by telephone or email within 7 workdays, it’s convenient to us for our next work. Thank you for your friendly cooperation.

Best Regards,

Vanessa Han

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