Robert Carbuccia – the Duracell battery of scammers.

I had this same damn email THREE TIMES today!

I am Davis Williams
Zenith Bank Plc London.
Email:  > email me here only
phone: +44-7035959142 .
you can call me in London today.

don?t  allow  your  atm  card  to  return  back  where you shall  lost  them   read  well  and  i  swear  i  am  now  in  monitor  of  your  delivery  atm  card  just  send  this  last  fee  that  told  you  by  Robert  carbuccia  and  Mr  kelvin  smith  and  take  your  atm  card  for  sure.

this is very Good opportunity now to have your atm card  while  you have  to contact  FedEx  New  York  to  obtain  a certificate  of  ownership  which  shows  that  you  are  the  original  acquired  owner  of  the  atm  card.

the  reason  why  we  emailed  you today base on  the  truth we  are   working with this 
time to let you know that your atm card is out to delivery  immediately you send the final fee for your last clearance  certificate  of  ownership,  this is very big opportunity this time to enable you receive your atm card immediately
you send your last obligation  fee to Robert carbuccia and Dr Kelvin Smith in  FedEx  locations.

now we have sent your  first  document  to FedEx new york under the
jurisdiction of  Robert carbuccia in FedEx New York and this release order document shall
favor your atm card that is why we sent it last  two  weeks in attachment to
Robert carbuccia of FedEx New York for him to send the attachment to you
This  month and i will ask you if he sent the document to you or not ? while  remain  the  central  Bank  ownership  last  document.

I am warning you from today to remark the Email and phone number of Robert 
carbuccia of fedEx  New York and Kelvin smith of  FedEx  in  west Africa to avoid those
hoodlums  and  impostors  not to play with your interest any more and bear with me I am
Davis Williams from Zenith Bank London plc. email me at >

take note, kindly complete your last fee to Robert carbuccia and you  can  even
contact him at the  FedEx  new York  office for delivery  of your package  while  immediately  you  send  your  last  fee  if  any body refuse to deliver your atm card as your  obligation then the
person in  FEDEX  office  shall face the law policy of arrested in FedEx while you  must
make sure  you completed  your last fee .

see the Name of FedEx New York  contact  officer  :Mr  Robert Carbuccia been the
General Manager at FedEx New York.  Email:    or   Email   phone number for Robert carbuccia. MOBILE +1- 516-777-0994  or  Phone  him  at  +1718-713-2152.  call him about  your  release  atm  card  hence  you have  finalize  your  last  fee   and  you  must  get him according to his signal today.

also  see  the  only  name  to  contact  in  west  African  FedEx  Dr  Kelvin  Smith  whom  was  Transferred  from  Europe  to  west  Africa  about  fedEx  certificate  of  ownership.  EMAIL HIM :   or  again   phone him at: 234-803-482-6233, IF ANY BODY CALL YOU OR SEND EMAIL TO YOU  LOOK AT  IT VERY WELL AS I DIRECTED YOU JUST TO WORK WITH NEW YORK ROBERT  CARBUCCIA   AND KELVIN SMITH ONLY.

kindly get in touch with them as urgent  about  your  package they must ring you  at your door 
step for sure for delivery of your atm card believe me honestly  once  you  send  your  fee.

Best Regards Davis Williams.
Zenith Bank Plc London.
phone: +44-7035959142 .
you can call me.