A hodge-podge of fail

Oh man, where do I begin with this one?  The scammer seems to have ripped up a whole bunch of scam emails and blindly stuck them together.

Remember the distance or color does not matter but love matters alto in life

James email; (jamesbadara2009@ya hoo.co.uk)

sweetmercy – no pic
25 y/o female
new york, USA

Greetings my new friend! I dream to find the happiness. I the cheerful person also love all new, interesting and charming. It would be pleasant to me to get acquainted, with the good person for serious relations. I appreciate in the person fidelity, kindness and sincerity. I have seen your questionnaire and you have liked me! I would like to get acquainted with you more close. If I have interested you, I wait for the answer on Your new friend,

That’s taken straight from a Russian scammer’s script.  “I the” is typically Russian as is “you have liked me”.  Hell, I seem to remember a book with a similar title from somewhere 😉

I am more than happy to write you this mail today, I am James Badara from Ivory Coast in West Africa, The only Son of late Dr. and Mrs Frederick Badara.I love music as well, am 33 yrs of age single never married

I thought you were a 25 yr old female.  So here’s a picture of 25/33 year old female, James.

will like to meet a man in my life

Dumb on so many levels.