The stupid Jamaicans saga – audio.

Kevin and Lauren called Robert Carbuccia’s NYC Magic Jack number, +19177757916.
When they do not pick up, the number redirects to: “call John Volker”? at +18765659853.
They got a real surprise!  It seems Robert didn’t pay his bill and they got someone else on the line.  It turned out to be a whole room full of Stupid Jamaican Scammers!  What luck!  So, Kevin and Lauren decided to go to the Western Union and pay them.

First call, didn’t go too well, but The Stupid Jamaicans are real playas.

On this second call, Lauren arrives at Western Union and messes with The Stupid Jamaicans.  “Kevin Anderson” tells Lauren to send the money to Rickardo Cunningham, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.  Later, “James Carter” tells her to send $2,000! to Gerontai Powell, Marianna, Florida, 32446.

Thanks, Big Al, for playing the first “victim” and also the Western Union Rep.,
Kevin Satter.  That was fun.  We need to call them back, and get a Lil Wayne song.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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